The Scambaiter

I found this website the other day and I was LMAO, ROFL, or RTTBRBIAPIMP (Ran To The Bathroom Because I Almost Peed In My Pants).  OK – I made that one up.  But The ScamBaiter website is hee-larious!  On their home page is a corney song/video that they amateurishly made – and inside, you will see pix of the overseas scammers (some really explicit so fair warning – it’s NSFW!). The people who gathered these pictures responded to their emails and wrote, “If you really are real – please send me a photo with you doing ______________.”  Here is a picture of things you will see on this site:

And their “passports” – WOW – awesome photoshopping skillz!

Yes, it’s mean and degrading but hearing crazy stories about people being scammed is also sad.

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