Churchgoing Con Artist Arrested

Source: Benton Courier

It appears that someone put too much trust into a fellow Churchgoer. Here’s the story in short – Scammer meets Faithful at Church, asks Faithful to collect a package for him – but Faithful gets nosey – finds all these Money Grams & fake checks and calls the cops. Scammer gets arrested.

“She told officers that she knew Faulkner from church and that he had asked to use her family’s address to send a package to help an orphanage in Africa. The woman and her husband also were told not to open the package when it arrived and to contact him. When the package arrived, the woman said it felt like it might contain bundles of money and she decided to open it. She found that it contained several money orders. The police report said the package contained 100 Money Gram orders for $910;144 Western Union money orders for $460; 99 American Express money orders for $500; 35 Municipal Credit Union checks for $2,900; 30 Woodforest National Bank checks for $7,200; 154 Walmart Money Gram money orders for $970 and 30 Municipal Credit Union checks written for $25,000, $20,000, $15,000 and $3,700. Police said the total of all the items amounted to $2,859,336.”

What’s wrong with this story?
1) The scammer asked someone from Church to help him commit a crime?
2) The scammer actually went to Church??
3) That someone from Church thought the package contained money so she opened it – even when told not to??



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