About The Ultimate Phish Fighter

The secret identity of The Ultimate Phish Fighter will remain anonymous as she was once kidnapped and brought to Nigeria in 2004.  Luckily, she escaped before being brought to trial (Thank you so much Anti-Phishing Working Group! You guys are my true heroes!).  However, she can disclose the fact that she lives in The San Francisco Bay Area with her 2 kittens (phish-battlers-in-training).  In her spare time, she likes to travel locally in her Italian scoot, escort her boyfriend to sushi restaurants and loves watching uncanny reality shows.

If you would like to submit any articles or fill me in on the latest in the email industry, please feel free to contact me at ultimatephishfighter <at> gmail.com. Thanks for finding me.

Please bring on da Phish!

Please bring on da Phish!

It’s time to battle!


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